Caring for dentures  

Dentures are artificial measurement devices made by dentists, according to the needs of patients to replace missing teeth. Prostheses help a person to maintain functional and social life without much hassle. Caring for dentures improve longevity, functional capacity and aesthetics of these prostheses.

Dentures should receive the same attention as natural teeth. Proper brushing of dentures is essential. Interestingly, like teeth, dentures should also brush your teeth twice a day. We recommend using cleaning brushes with soft bristles to prevent abrasion of the surface of the denture. The smoothness of the outer surface of the prosthesis must remain rough areas could become port for the accumulation of plague.

There are several cleaning materials for implants available on the market which are specifically made to suit the consistency of the prosthesis and to help in cleaning the prosthesis better. Never use common cleaning products to clean the teeth implants. These materials have abrasives that can damage the surface of the prosthesis. You should clean the teeth in water after every meal. Avoid hot water, as this could lead to distortion and ill fitting.

Removable dentures must be removed and placed in a container of dental cleaning solution or cold water, because they are not recommended and the prosthesis should not be left to dry. It could be the contraction in the size of the prosthesis if left to dry.

Always wipe your mouth before using prosthesis. Brush your mouth gently to remove any pest or food from the oral mucosa before placing the prosthesis to prevent further dental problems.

Removable dentures are subject to accidental damage during placement and removal of the oral cavity. Care should be taken when handling the prosthesis. Place a soft cloth or a container of water down and remove the denture from the mouth, so that even if the prosthesis has been reduced to the case does not fall on the floor and crack.

If you use prostheses with hooks, pay special attention not to bend or break the seals twist, turn or trying to adjust the setting. You should visit your dentist to fit what they do for themselves. Special care must be taken to clean these closures. Always wash food particles and plague fix the buckles to prevent tooth decay accumulate in the adjacent tooth.

Visit your dentist to check for any adjustment or sick ulcers in the mouth than a week after receiving the new prosthesis.

When you develop some discomfort due to the prosthesis, do not hesitate to ask your dentist for help. The implants are not permanent; you may have to get your dentures relined, re-based or re-done due to age-related factors and bone destruction and formation that are natural.

A regular visit to the dental clinic every six months is also recommended.