Invisible orthodontic techniques

Lingual orthodontics or Invisalign

We started talking about the different methods proposed by both methods and one of the most important is that Lingual Orthodontics uses braces to achieve the correct alignment of the teeth while Invisalign uses removable aligners. In this way we can say that Lingual is a fixed method, the opposite of the Invisalign technique that is removable, being this way the only removable alternative that we find in all the orthodontics sector and those that opt ​​for this technique will be able to remove the aligners to carry out such daily actions as brushing teeth or eating.

As we have previously mentioned, both techniques fall into the category of Invisible Orthodontics, in the case of Invisalign it is easy to unite this concept since the aligners are transparent and will hardly be noticed. However, in the case of opting for Lingual Orthodontics we should know that they will be noticed even less than Invisalgn because the placement of the brackets will take place on the inside of the teeth, so they will not be visible to other people. Another advantage we find in Lingual Orthodontics is that the size of the brackets is smaller compared to the conventional technique and this translates into a much more comfortable process for the patient.

Regarding the results offered by both techniques we can highlight that both Lingual and Invisalign offer us excellent results, this being another reason why we should bet on any of these techniques. Finally we must also talk about the price of these methods and the first thing we can say about it is that the cost of Invisible Orthodontics is higher than the rest of techniques dedicated to correct the dental alignment, especially in the case of Lingual Orthodontics.

After knowing both the differences and the benefits offered by the most popular Invisible Orthodontic techniques, it is clear that we are facing alternatives to be taken into account due to their interesting offer: They respect dental aesthetics, are comfortable and assure us excellent results being compatible with patients of any age.