Manual or electric brushes, which is better

Many people are not aware of how important it is to use an appropriate toothbrush. Generally, they opt for the cheapest option in the supermarket, because they think that all toothbrushes are the same, and they do not have a strong reason to invest in an electric model.

Although the use of a manual toothbrush is, of course, better than nothing, most oral health care professionals prefer that their patients use an electric toothbrush.

Many people who are recommended an electric toothbrush, want to know if the investment is really worth it. After all, not only are brushes more expensive, but you also have to buy replacement heads every few months.

Why change to an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes offer a wide variety of advantages.

These brushes do all the work for us. Many of them include a timer to ensure that the brushing lasts 2 full minutes, as well as a pressure indicator light to inform us that we are squeezing too much, and that possibly we are damaging the gums.

All you have to do is move the toothbrush from another tooth, whether you’re using Philips Sonic are toothbrushes that penetrate deep below the gum line, or the Oral-B brushes that swing from one side to another.

Since most people do not have time for mouth care, electric toothbrushes give us the opportunity to brush our teeth like professionals, reducing inflammation, eliminating plaque and minimizing hypersensitivity.

There are many dental problems that an electric toothbrush can help improve, including receding gums, the sensitivity of improper brushing, and gingivitis by not brushing your teeth.

Electric toothbrushes are also an excellent option for children, especially if they have dental appliances. Parents spend a lot of money on orthodontic appliances, but if children do not brush their teeth properly, they will end up without them.

Elderly people with dexterity or mobility problems can also benefit from electric toothbrushes. Many older people cannot move their hands the way they want, so if they use a manual brush, they are likely to leave plaque.

The electric version cleans their teeth by them, they only have to bring the head to the teeth, so that it can eliminate all the plaque and help prevent other dental problems.

Tips for choosing the best electric toothbrush

The price range of electric brushes is wide, from 20 to 200 dollars, obviously, each brush is different and has different characteristics and functions, and one version will be better for a particular oral need than another.

Most are concerned about the monetary cost. But keep in mind that electric brushes can rotate or vibrate 30,000 times per minute, while a manual model barely reaches 200 times.

Any tool that helps maintain the health of the mouth and teeth, is a worthwhile investment, since the price of an electric toothbrush, is only a fraction of what it costs a deep cleaning or orthodontics.

Many electric toothbrushes help eliminate tooth stains, which is a good option for people who really want a bright white smile. And even with this feature, these brushes are still soft with the gums.

Finding the right electric brush to our needs, which ensures a clean and fresh mouth, is the best way to understand the benefits of maintaining good oral health.

Its regular use will not only allow spatial appointments with the dentist, but we can also enjoy a healthier mouth, assessing everything that a dental care can offer us.

Some people do not like electric toothbrushes because they feel they are not as flexible as a manual toothbrush, smaller and lighter in size, very easy to move.

But the electrical options are very varied, and you can find small and light brushes, and very small heads, to clean up the most difficult areas of the mouth.

Actually, the choice of an electric model or another, depends on the oral needs you have. For example, if you have sensitive gums and teeth, it is best to opt for a soft bristle head and pressure sensor. If you want whiter teeth that have a whitening option, and if your problem is a large plaque buildup, the Sonics are the ones that remove the most plaque.

Prevention is better than cure

Although we have seen all the advantages of electric brushes, the important thing is to brush your teeth correctly, for two minutes, 3 times a day (or after each meal), without forgetting to floss, and to go to periodic check-ups with the dentist.