Neither chewing gum nor pills eliminate bad breath

Usually when a person detects bad breath, he resorts to alternatives such as chewing mint tablets or chewing gum; however, this alternative is not the correct one to eliminate the discomfort, because if there is not timely medical attention, it can present worse complications.

This condition can cause some daily problems because it reduces the self-esteem and safety of those who suffer from it, at the same time as it hinders interpersonal relationships.

Doctors of the IMSS, explained that bad breath or halitosis is caused, in many occasions, by bad oral hygiene, so consuming pills or any other type of candy or chewing gum can aggravate the patient’s conditions; as well as possible damage to their teeth, since usually this type of candy is made with high amounts of sweetener, which is not removed properly, it decomposes in the mouth generating cavities and bad odors.

The specialists of the Institute pointed out that bad breath can also be a sign of respiratory, gastric, liver or kidney diseases and even stress.

They emphasized that the consumption of this type of candy does not contribute anything to eliminate it, since to control or eliminate bad breath it is necessary to resort to specialized attention.

The specialists recommended that instead of choosing chewing gum, pills or some other kind of candy to mask the bad breath, it is better to brush the teeth in an appropriate way after each food, to use the floss regularly; as well as mouth rinses.

Finally, they said that if bad breath is detected, it is best to go to your Family Medicine Unit to rule out the presence of a severe condition.