Orthodontic pain in adults

Does dental orthodontics produce pain in the mouth?

Orthodontics is a dental treatment that aims to correct the position of the teeth by placing devices that, through controlled pressure, achieve permanent displacements. In this way we get a configuration of our denture that improves in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

Orthodontic treatment that no pain of orthodontics, can occur after each visit to the orthodontist in which a readjustment of the dental device is made to gradually correct the position of the teeth. Said annoyance, which we insist no orthodontic pain usually lasts a few days. In addition we can classify them in two types:

  • Discomfort derived from the teeth moving: Fruit of the pressure exerted by the dental appliance of orthodontics there are patients who show some discomfort but in no case can we talk about the pain of orthodontics as something sharp and lasting during treatment. These discomfort that no orthodontic pain, usually disappear after a few days and occur mainly during chewing.
  • Disorders derived from chafing: Sometimes when introducing the orthodontic appliance (especially when it is done with brackets, the cheapest orthodontics) and this being an element that is “foreign to our body” may appear chafing that more than pain of Orthodontics must be classified as discomfort.

Is it normal for orthodontia to hurt or cause discomfort? 

It is completely normal to feel some discomfort when placing the orthodontics or after each of the readjustments that are made in the periodic reviews. Comfort is one of the factors to be taken into account when deciding between an orthodontics with brackets or invisible orthodontics. The discomfort due to the increased pressure of the appliance with the teeth, therefore you should not worry if this happens.

You should also bear in mind that these discomforts, which do not hurt the orthodontics, because they are not acute, tend to disappear with time and after 3 days from the moment of the placement of the devices or the readjustment of them should have disappeared.

Are there orthodontics that do not cause pain?

When performing an orthodontics there are many therapeutic alternatives that depending on aesthetic criteria and budget available for orthodontics in function will determine which is the most appropriate orthodontics. One of the factors to take into account when choosing an orthodontics or another is the discomfort that they cause.

Can the discomfort or “orthodontic pain” be minimized?

The discomforts are usually of short duration but in case you find them uncomfortable you can opt for these solutions that will help you cope with the so-called “orthodontic pain” during the brief days that this may occur.

  • Tension of the teeth: For this purpose, the use of an analgesic such as, for example, Paracetamol or Ibuprofen is recommended.
  • Roaders of the apparatuses: To fight them can use a special wax for orthodontics that reduces the annoyance until these are cured, which happens in a period of approximately 3 days. There are also alternatives such as invisible orthodontics that do not present this problem.

Summing up the annoyance or pain of orthodontics

As we have seen, orthodontic pain cannot be properly spoken, because it is of low intensity, it is more appropriate to classify it as discomfort. These are short-lived and disappear after 3 days. They can be mitigated during these three days and there are different orthodontic alternatives that have different characteristics in terms of “orthodontic pain”.