When is an implant the best solution

Since this is a very solution efficient to replace teeth that are damaged or lost, each day the number of people who choose the option of dental implants, due mainly to dental implants work for long term . In fact, the use and development of dental implants is considered one of the greatest advances in dentistry in the last 50 years.

Situations in which the dental implant is the best solution

Generally, the dental implant is the best option when replacing one piece dental whose loss has been caused by any reason, either by aging or trauma. Furthermore, it is a treatment that does not affect a tooth remains healthy, and prevents the bone jaw wear; Squeal generated by other treatments.

Are few the contraindications that prevent the placement of a dental implant? In most cases they are related to problems in the bone of the jaw, as some kind of infection, malignant tumors that damage to bone, or disorders affecting bone metabolism. Anyway, it is advisable to consult with a specialist surgeon to look at the different options, in order to follow the best treatment for the problem. Some other solutions, although less efficient and durable, are partial denture removable, partial denture fixed and prosthesis adhesive.

Therefore, when no contraindications are exposed suffers from the implant dental it is the most effective solution and secure from other remedies. With dental implants not only gets a great aesthetic result , we can also take any food with confidence, because dental implants are fixed and immovable , and require the same care as their own teeth.

The age is not is not any impediment, if you want to change the appearance of the mouth. An older person can benefit from this dental method without major consequences. An increasing number of elderly people who change their dentures for a dental implant which is greater improve their quality of life.

Also, the stability offered by dental implants make the solution more comfortable and effective. Once the process is complete dental implant, the patient can go home at that moment to continue with their normal life, as if he had a natural tooth.

Most experts recommend the implants dental, offering excellent long – term results, so we can enjoy its benefits for a long time. In this sense, the data are compelling, dental implants reach a rate of success than ninety percent.

Why do dental implants offer greater firmness and durability?

The root of the implant dental is formed by a screw that naturally welded to bone, being totally fixed and stable. This process is called bone integration, which occurs when bone cells adhere naturally to the surface of the titanium material from which the root is made. The process usually lasts three to six months and is known as restoration of dental implant.

As noted above, the dental implant is a very durable, reaching remain unchanged over twenty years. There have been cases where a dental implant has lasted for more than twenty-five years and is working perfectly. Therefore, the dental implant is the best option when replacing a tooth. However, cleaning and oral hygiene are key for dental implants to last for many years.

There is a minimal percentage of complications in the process of dental implants, moreover, most have solution. It is a treatment very common and simple that just involves pain. The best thing to do is to make sure that we have a professional who makes a proper diagnosis and to perform all the necessary procedures for the optimal placement of the dental implant.