Why brush your teeth

Tooth brushing is the first step to maintaining healthy teeth and gums for a lifetime. Brushing teeth removes plaque and other food debris, preventing tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Maintaining proper dental hygiene:

  • Cavities and loss of teeth are avoided.
  • Disappears bad taste and bad breath of mouth.
  • Do not bleed gums.
  • It improves our image in front of the others and therefore our security and self-esteem.

The plaque is a whitish film deposited on the teeth and oral soft tissues, where they live colonies of bacteria responsible for diseases of the teeth (caries) and gum (periodontal disease). Dental plaque should be removed with a good brushing. Its continuous formation causes that we have to have a systematic constant to eliminate it, since after 24 hours of its formation it calcifies and this is forming the tartar, that so much affects to the periodontal tissues (gingiva and bone) in the adult age and that if not controlled flows into the periodontal disease or pyorrhea that leads to tooth loss.

The other enemy of our mouths is the decay and we know that is formed by demineralization of enamel, i.e. enamel loses its structure and hardness. This happens because plaque bacteria form acids that dissolve enamel and that is why plaque causes so much damage and is so important to remove it, to prevent the onset of these two diseases.

In the case of children in addition to what is exposed here are some special considerations that should be consulted in the section on children’s dentistry.