What can you do for a child who has a toothache?

Proper dental care should begin before a child even gets his first tooth to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, according to Kids Health. Proper dental care should include proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits. When a child has a dental problem, sometimes it can cause a painful toothache, which should be treated.

What is a toothache?

A toothache, also known as pulpitis, is a nuisance or pain that is felt in a child’s tooth, according to HealthyChildren.org. This is a result of an inflammation of the pulp, which is inside the tooth. Toothaches, which may or may not be related to an injury, can be painful for a child and should be treated.

Symptoms of a dental problem

Symptoms or signs of a toothache in a child may include: a tooth that is painful to the touch, constant sharp pain in the tooth, pain in the jaw where it is found, malaise, fever, or severe pain when eating or drink something hot or cold, according to St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

What is causing it?

Many causes can lead to a toothache, such as food that has been tucked between two teeth. A cavity that has formed in the tooth is often the cause of toothache. When children eat food with starches or sugars, the bacteria in the mouth feed on them, which in turn generates an acid that can enter through a tooth, creating a cavity.