When should we brush our teeth?

The dental hygiene is especially important to get maintain healthy teeth and strong. To carry out a correct dental hygiene it is necessary to establish a routine oral cleaning house that fits the specific needs of each person. In addition, it is essential to complete this action with professional dental cleaning, at least once a year. Although the frequency with which we must perform professional oral cleaning will tell our dentist, taking into account each case in particular.

Brushing teeth

If we have doubts about tooth brushing at home, the toothpaste we should use, the frequency with which we should wash our teeth or the proper technique, it is very important that we ask our dentist. The professional will recommend the best way to establish a correct cleaning of our teeth daily. In addition, you can easily explain which the best technique to clean our teeth is.

What is the best time to brush our teeth?

Contrary to what many people think, it is not appropriate to perform dental brushing after meals. That is, you should not brush your teeth immediately after you finish eating. This is because, during the food intake, we take acidic products that considerably lower the pH of the mouth and it takes time for the pH of our saliva to return to its optimum conditions.

The acid demineralizes the teeth and can lead to an exposure of the dentin, thus generating sensitivity problems in the teeth. If we perform the routine dental cleaning just after eating, we run the risk of spreading the acid throughout the mouth, putting a large part of our teeth at risk.

At the end of eating it is advisable to rinse the mouth with water or mouthwash to remove the remains of superficial foods and achieve a fresher breath. Dental brushing can be done half an hour, more or less, after eating food. In that time period the pH of our mouth will have returned to normal.

How often do you have to brush your teeth?

The dentist will advise on how many times a day it is necessary to brush your teeth. Generally it is recommended to brush the teeth of 2 to 3 times a day, being the nocturnal dental cleaning routine the most important of the day.

During the night we salivate much less and the harmful substances that are in our mouth become stronger. For this reason, tooth brushing before bedtime is critical so that our teeth do not suffer major deterioration.

It is necessary to be very constant regarding the daily dental hygiene, maintaining a correct technique of brushing that we arrive at all the dental pieces to remove all the plaque that accumulates in the teeth daily. Dental cleaning is the best way to prevent possible dental diseases, such as tooth decay or gum disease.